The Odysseus series is designed for all-around cruising, exploring, learning the basics and riding small waves. It features an extra wide outline throughout the nose, mid-section, and tail these boards provides a rider with phenomenal stability.








  • The recessed deck, full rails, squared tail and well-balanced design add further stability and make the Odysseus adaptable for any technique
  • The quad-concave bottom design channels the water from nose to tail for exceptional straight-line gliding for a board of its length
  • Using cutting-edge, molded technology, the Odysseus is durable and lightweight
  • Glass composite construction features a molded EPS foam core and glass layers that protect and seal the core against water leakage
  • An extra layer of wood reinforces the stance platform and adds durability by wrapping around the rails
  • Outer glass layer seals it all up and provides impact-resistance so you can enjoy your Odysseus for many seasons to come
  • Center handle lets you curve your fingers inside the board to get a firm grip for carrying
  • The Surftech Odysseus Stand Up Paddleboard has a single tracking fin and weighs 26 lb.


The unique shape of the Odyssey Paddleboard makes it an ideal board for all types of activities and for families looking for a board they can share. It’s extra wide with from the nose to the tail make it an ideal board for first timers of any weight or size. Due to the board being wider and with it having a flatter rocker makes it stable and easy to paddle.


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