If you’re searching for a Christmas gift for the standup paddler who seems to have it all, here are some stocking stuffer ideas sure to stoke out the gear geek in every SUP enthusiast.

There are a few pieces of gear no standup paddler can do without. But beyond the boards, paddles, fins and safety accessories in every paddler’s collection, there are plenty of less obvious items that enhance the paddling experience beyond the essentials.

GoPro Hero 6 Black


Standup paddlers tend to live life fast. Luckily, GoPro is keeping pace to catch it all with new innovations like the Hero 6 Black. The latest camera in GoPro’s lineup, the Hero 6 improves upon the previous models with a slew of upgrades that enable active paddlers to capture every moment with peak quality. GoPro has taken it to the next level of POV technology with the Hero 6 Black in so many ways.

Jaybird Run Wireless Headphones


A good soundtrack can go a long way with training. But wearing corded headphones on the water is more hassle than it’s worth. So when we finally found a pair of completely cordless, water resistant, Bluetooth-powered headphones that sound as great as they fit, our training sessions cranked up tenfold. While the Jaybird Run headphones aren’t 100-percent waterproof, they are proclaimed sweat-proof and water resistant so as long as you’re not falling in they’re ideal for interval training or distance paddling. Toss your phone in a dry-pouch and sync them up for a drastic improvement to your solo paddling experiences.

GoalZero Flip 20 Recharger


The Flip 20 is the mack daddy of miniature portable rechargers. With 18.7Wh, 5200mAh (3.6V) packed into a 4.6 oz package that easily fits in your front pocket, it comes in handy more often than most gadgets in our quiver. It holds enough juice to fully charge a cell phone multiple times over and the output fits any USB cable. It also features a flip USB for cordless, tangle-free charging from any USB port. A great option for charging everything from cellphones to fitness trackers on the go.



Here’s a novel invention that anyone who gets thirsty on the water can appreciate. SUPBUDDY is a beverage and knick-knack holder for your SUP. The Velcro-topped platform suctions to the deck of a board and secures any item using Velcro, including the sweet coozy it comes with. Other accessories include extra loop velcro that can be used for a side mount or other items and a mesh bag that can be looped around a suction cup for empties and extras. ‘Sup, buddy?


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