Fear of Being Robbed

The last thing anyone wants to think about while enjoying the waves, is having their car broken into and precious items being stolen. No one wants to continuously look over their shoulder and check if they were being watched. Often a potential thief is watching beachgoers as they gathered up items to bring with them, what they’re leaving behind and where they are hiding their keys.

Paddlers, surfers and local beachgoers have a key vault. This gear is attached to their car so that they are able to keep their keys in it and not stashed within the car or on the beach. This safety measure lessens any anxiety a person is feeling about leaving their car unattended while out on the water.

A Few Safety Tips While Out on the Water

Park near people: As much as possible park your car near people and not alone at the end of the street. We all want a shady spot so we have a cool car to return to but that may not be a good idea.The more people and cars nearby, the less chance a thief will think about breaking into your car.

Don’t advertiseYou want to keep your wallet, phone, and anything that is of value out of sight. Consider stashing this items before reaching the beach as well. Lock items in your glove box or hide them deep under your seat

Don’t hide your key on your car.-You can pick up a key box for around $45, this box is attached to your car and can hold your keys. If you don’t wish to drop the dough on these boxes, another option is to take your key with you. You can wear it on a necklace or attach it to the inside of your surf shorts. A popular option would be to hide it within your towel on the beach, but nowadays there are better options.

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